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About NHS Approved Sealants

Sealants Direct have always been interested in maintaining excellent standards across all sectors with the products we stock. Our range of NHS approved sealants meet stringent requirements that mean they can be used in hospitals, GP practices, dental practices and many other health sector facilities across the UK. This means our NHS Approved Sealants are ideal for use in areas that need to remain clean, safe and maintain a firm, efficient seal.

One such product widely used in these areas is Forever Clear Silicone Sealant. It is a perfect sealant for use in bathrooms, wet rooms, on sinks, windows, doors and many more areas, due to its permanent waterproof and flexibility properties. Not only will Forever Clear Silicone Sealant guarantee a firm waterproof seal, but it also contains an anti-fungal that will stop the growth of black mould for 10 years. Furthermore, it has been formulated with the most cutting edge commercial antibacterial solution impregnated into the sealant, which actively kills germs upon contact.

Sealants Direct look for only the best products in their respective areas, and Forever Clear Silicone Sealant is one of the best. Not only does it boast all of the above properties, but it does what it says on the packaging; year after year it stays clear.

Another chemically advanced NHS Approved Sealant we stock at Sealants Direct is the NHS approved Plumbers Gold Clear Sealant. This adhesive sealant is formulated from a hybrid polymer technology that allows it to bond and seal on practically every surface a plumber may come into contact with. For example, hard plastics, acrylics, fibreglass, ceramics, glass, marble, granite, aluminium, mirrors, metals and more. The most unique aspect of Plumbers Gold Clear Sealant is its ability to work on wet surfaces and even underwater!

One of the most specialised NHS Approved Sealant we have on offer is the 565 Clean Room Silicone.

This is a top of the line product that has been rigorously tested not only to NHS standards, but has been tested and approved to FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) standards and by European chemical analysts.

So it is not only an incredibly powerful antibacterial and anti-fungal product, but also conforms to FDA compatibility specifications to be used in food preparation areas. Formulated with SteriTouch technology, 565 Clean Room Silicone actively prevents the growth of bacteria on its surface, such as E-Coli, MRSA, Salmonella, Listeria and Staphylococcus, and it also stops Black Mould Growth. However, we don't just stock products that just have exceptional hygienic properties; Sealants Direct is committed to functionality too. The 565 Clean Room Silicone White sealant sticks effectively to most substrates, has a slow skinning time and is almost completely odourless.

These products are just a small number of the advanced products that we offer at Sealants Direct.

Providing the very best sealant for the job is of utmost importance to us, that is why we stock a range of NHS approved sealants suitable for numerous applications

So our customers can be safe in the knowledge they are using the safest, most advanced and most effective sealants available, whatever the job.

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