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Adhesives are used to bind items together, here at Sealants Direct we have all the adhesives you could ever need including:

About Grab Adhesives

Whether you want to stick brick, concrete, metal, plastic, wood or anything else we have a grab adhesive for you. Internal or external, wet or dry and even completely clear, we can supply a product to suit every need. 

Within our range, from top manufacturers including Sika, Soudal, Everbuild, CT1 and Arbo we have a wide range of Quick Grab Adhesives.

Sticking some skirting boards on?

Why not try Sika Everbuild’s Pink GripPink Grip’s revolutionary grabbing strength usually removes the need to pin under the workpiece to prevent slipping or slumping. It is also available in a Solvent Free variety - PINKGRIP Solvent Free and now also in a solvent free White Version - PINKGRIP SF but its WHITE

Looking for something much stronger?

Sika Everbuild’s Maximum Torque is based on next generation hybrid polymer technology making it the ultimate high grab adhesive. Maximum torque has the ability to bond basically everything to anything!

How about the Soudal FIX ALL Range?

Soudal Fix All comes in a wide variety of options, Classic, High Tack, Crystal Clear and Turbo all of which are based on MS Polymer technology.  

What about under water?

CT1 will successfully bond UNDER WATER! CT1 is also solvent free & environmentally friendly. 

Want to try something NEW?

Sika Multi Stick is a brand new construction grab adhesive based on SPUR tachnology (Silyl-terminated PUR technology) This superior adhesive has the ability to bond virtually anything to everything in both wet and dry conditions, and even underwater or in the rain. With incredible initial grab, high bonding strength, and almost limitless applications and other benefits, no tradesman should be without a tube of this next generation adhesive. Think of any bonding application and it is virtually certain Sika® Multi-Stick will handle it with ease.

Can't find the Grab Adhesive you're looking for? Don't worry, our team can help! Just call us on 01772 728268 with your requirements.

Wood adhesives

From 5 to 45 minute gels and liquids to joinery grade we stock a wide variety of wood adhesives, including the popular Everbuild Lumberjack range.

About Contact Adhesives

When an adhesive is a contact this means it adheres to itself, taking along whatever it is attached to. To use a contact adhesive you simply apply even coats of the adhesive to each material you wish to adhere, allow it to dry, and stick them together. Everbuild’s Stick2 Instant Contact Adhesive is a premium grade rubber based contact adhesive suitable for use with a wide variety of materials for both professional and DIY use. The product may be used internally or externally.

We also sell a wide range of superglues and activators, such as the well known Sika Everbuild Industrial Mitre Fast Kit

Can't find the adhesive you're looking for? Don't worry, our team can help! Just call us on 01772 728268 with your requirements.


When installing plasterboards there’s no better product than Everbuild’s Pink Grip Dry Fix FR. Pink Grip Dry Fix FR is B2 fire rated and will have you ready to plaster in 1 hour! Also check out our Euroscrim tape