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About Landscaping Products

Landscaping, Path and Patio Treatments for optimal performance and easy application

Most landscape professionals will tell you that if there’s one thing which is needed for success in the job, it’s adaptability. Landscape workers are frequently asked to undertake everything from exterior cleaning jobs through to arboreal management, gardening, weather proofing outbuildings, and maintenance of exterior furniture. To get these tasks done quickly and well, the right landscaping products are absolutely essential. Take a look at how our extensive range can enable you to be ready for whatever landscaping challenges come your way.

Wood Preserver

From benches and sheds, to trellises and pagodas, ensuring that wood is free from damp and pests is a key part of any landscaping project. Try Lumberjack Sprayable Woodworm Killer to keep those destructive little creatures at bay, whilst products from the Fencemate range make keeping fences of all sizes in premium condition a straightforward, quick task.

patios and drivewaysPatios and Driveways

Keep your patios glistening and your driveways free of moss and mould with our selection of moss fighting products. Moss Away Super Concentrate, Patio Wizard Super Concentrate and Patio Wizard Concentrate are all specially formulated to easily remove moss and mould without the need for any washing off, scrubbing or pressure washing. 

If you’re looking to achieve perfect pointing then check out Sika Setting Sand Buff. Easy to apply this product is suitable for use on all block paving.


Whether it’s removing gum from walkways or getting rid of unsightly graffiti, cleaning is a key part of landscaping. Our Graffiti Remover is a proven remedy for the scribbles wannabe Banksys leave behind, whilst Arbo Cleaner offers a versatile cleaning compound that’s ideal for general use. Don’t forget our selection of heavy duty wipes and hand cleaners to get cleaned up properly once the job is done.

Tools and accessoriesTools and accessories

It’s no use having the right products if you don't have the correct tools to apply them with! That’s why many landscape professionals opt for products from our wide selection of knives, product applicator guns, sealant accessories and trowels. Don’t forget to order a mixing paddle for effectively agitating large volumes of product!

Our goods are all sourced from leading manufacturers in the industry and we are proud to offer top brands such as Adiseal, Arbo, Sika, Everbuild and Soudal. If you’re considering a new project and aren’t sure which sealants or tapes would be best, we’re always happy to give recommendations based on our extensive product knowledge. Combining high performance merchandise with dedicated customer service, we are the perfect choice for landscape professionals who need dependable products that deliver spectacular results every time.