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About Everbuild

Everbuild are one of the top sealant, adhesive and building chemical brands on the market, due to their enormous product range, highly credited and rigorously tested manufacturing procedures and expertly produced materials.

That is why at Sealants Direct we stock over 900 of their products. A product such as their Stick 2 All Purpose Superglue is a prime example of the quality adhesives they manufacture. This tough and effective glue is excellent for any project where a rapid seal is required. It has a wide range of uses due to its bonding properties, which means it can adhere to materials such as plastics, metals. PVCu, rubber, ceramics and most other nonporous substances. Furthermore, due to Everbuild's precise research and manufacturing, this adhesive is more advanced than ever before due to its ability to fill gaps as small as 0.1mm.

Sealants Direct aim to stock only the best adhesives, and we believe the Everbuild Stick 2 All Purpose Superglue is one of the finest.

Always on the cutting edge of new chemical technologies, Everbuild produces revolutionary products such as their One Strike Filler. Utilising incredibly lightweight polymer bubbles, this product is able to fill almost all fissures and cracks, even deep and ungainly holes. One application is all that is needed, with no further need for reapplication as their One Strike Filler will not shrink, crack or sag as it dries. Functionality is key in construction, but at Sealants Direct we are also aware that time is an important factor and that is why we stock One Strike. It finishes smooth so it requires little or no sanding and dries in as little as 30 minutes, meaning that painting can begin almost straight away.

Diversity and ease of application is essential for many products and none more so than wallpaper paste. At Sealants Direct we stock their All Purpose Wallpaper Paste to cater to this need.

A powder that creates enough adhesive to hang five rolls of wallpaper when mixed with water, this paste is cost effective and efficient.

Its incredibly strong adhesive properties mean that it is suitable for hanging all common wall coverings, including sculptured, blown and textured vinyl, washable and heavy embossed papers. What is more, it is even strong enough for fixing polystyrene tiles. Despite its strength, their All Purpose Wallpaper Paste also provides easy slip dynamics during application for readjustments and smoothing. Sealants Direct always look for intelligence in design in our product lines, and Everbuild continues to offer just that. Their All Purpose Wallpaper Paste not only offers superb functionality, but also peace of mind with a powerful anti-fungal inbuilt to keep the finished job looking pristine a long time after the paste has dried.

There are hundreds more products on offer from Everbuild including Everbuild Evercryl and, as is clearly evident from just three of their products, all of them are manufactured to an incredibly high standard. Sealants Direct are a top supplier of the brand for that reason, supporting innovation, functionality and ease of use is a priority and Everbuild consistently delivers in all of them

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