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  • Sika Everbuild Construction Grab Adhesives

    Sika Everbuild is a world renowned manufacturer of building products, they are responsible for some of the best known products on the market such as; Wonder Wipes, Pinkgrip, Sika 1 Waterproofer, Forever White etc.
  • Product Showcase - Soudal Swipex

    You may have heard of Everbuild’s Wonder Wipes, but what about Soudal’s equivalent ‘Swipex’ Swipex wipes are heavy duty non-woven cleaning wipes impregnated with a mixture of solvents, biodegradable non-ionic surfactants and skin emollients.
  • Fire Rated Expanding Foam Guide

    Here at Sealants Direct we sell a wide variety of Fire rated expanding foam, from leading manufacturers such as Sika, Soudal, Everbuild and Arbo. Whether it be a B1, B2 or B3 rating, Sealants Direct has the right product to ensure you are fully protected and fire resistant.
  • Soudal Timber Adhesives

    As well as being renowned for things like PU expanding foam and the Silirub range of sealants, Soudal also manufacture a wide variety of wood glues from PVA, mitre kits, waterproof to D1, D2 D3 and D4 wood glue, Soudal have a a product for all your timber adhesion requirements.
  • What is a Sanitary Sealant?

    Sanitary sealants are products that are suitable for use environments prone to damp and wet conditions, such as in kitchens and bathrooms. They tend to include in their formula powerful anti-fungal compounds, which are essential to prevent sealant blackening with age.
  • Anti-Pick Sealants

    Everbuild Anti Pick 109 has been specifically formulated to provide a ‘finger prick’ resistant seal with little movement, perfect for use in areas where a normal sealant is not hard enough. Easy to apply Anti to most building materials including metals, most plastics, glass and polyester.

    Lumberjack Polyurethane Wood Adhesive Gel is a thixotropic, transparent, gap filling gel which sets hard. Particularly suitable for equipment manufacture and production line applications where rapid handling is required. Conforms to EN 204. D4 Strength. Available in 5 minute and 30 minute varieties.
  • Heat Resistant, Fire Rated Intumescent Sealants

    Here at Sealants Direct we stock a wide range of heat resistant and fire rated sealants from trusted brands such as Arbo, Everbuild & Soudal. Whether you’re sealing an oven door, a car gasket or fire rated expansion joints, we’ve a sealant right for you!
  • Soudal Professional Range

    The Soudal Professional Range is the most innovative & comprehensive range of sealants, adhesives, fillers, cleaners, lubricants & ancillary products for the construction & industrial markets. Below are a few of our favourites.

    Here at Sealants Direct we are constantly updating our site with new exciting products. From sealants to fence paint, to mortar/concrete admixture here’s a little about some of our latest products!

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