Specialist Sealants

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About Specialist Sealants

For some jobs only a specialist sealant will do, which is why here at Sealants Direct we stock an extensive range of specialists sealants for the jobs bog-standard sealants can’t handle.

From areas exposed to high temperatures or surfaces subject to slippage we stock specialist sealants to cover all jobs.

Silirub AC

Silirub AC is a multi purpose construction sealant that adheres to most materials. Easy to use, it stays elastic after curing and can be used to seal all types of construction joints, elastic joints in coldstore and container applications and sealings in air condition systems.

Silicone 825

Available in various colours Silicone 825 offers a flexible seal for a variety of applications where a waterproof and weatherproof sealant is required. Suitable for use both internally and externally Silirub AC will adhere to a diverse range of building materials including:

  • Stone
  • Brick
  • Concrete
  • PVCu

Sika Plastix 22A

Sika Plastix 22A displays excellent primerless adhesion to porous and non-porous substrates and is well known for its fast curing properties. Available in 7 different colours Sika Plastix 22A can be used for a number of construction applications including:

  • Perimeter pointing around all types of window and door frames
  • Bedding insulated glass units
  • Expansion joint sealing
  • Weather sealing and joint sealing glazing systems, curtain walling and façade panels
  • General glazing sealing and draught proofing

Fire Sealant 300

Halogen free, Fire Sealant 300 Intumescent Foil is a five-hour rated sealant that gives a firm yet flexible seal to joints, voids and irregular holes in fire walls, partitions and other structures.

Easy to apply and tool off in just 15 minutes this specialist sealant is suitable for internal perimeter pointing of fire rated door and window frames.

Arbosil 1096

Displaying excellent resistance to alkali and dilute acids Arbosil 1096 cures on exposure to vaporised moisture to form an elastic silicone rubber seal. Specially formulated Arbosil 1096 is suitable for use in many forms of construction work including:

  • Glass wall assemblies
  • Curtain Wall perimeter sealing
  • Perimeter sealing of polyester powder coated frames
  • Sealing of windows in swimming pools
  • Polycarbonate & acrylic sheeting

FREE delivery available when you buy specialist sealants from Sealants Direct.

As a leading supplier of specialist sealants Sealants Direct offer expert advice and guidance, so if you’re struggling to find a specialist sealant suitable for the job in hand or need help on which sealant would best suit your needs don’t hesitate to call us on 01772 728268.