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About Sealants

Sealants are used to stop fluid moving from where it should be to where it shouldn’t be! Sealants are used to waterproof, fill gaps or keep moisture in. We stock all the sealants you'll ever need, including:

Silicone Sealants

These are the most common type of sealants and are used for various purposes, including plumbing, kitchen construction and even in the automotive industry. Silicone is:

• Flexible
• Low or non toxic
• Water repellent
• Heat and cold resistant

Brands include Everflex/Everbuild, Silirub and Arbosil, to name a few. Within these brands you will find exactly the sealant you need for your job. If you need to make sure your shower is fully sealed so that all the water stays in the shower area where it belongs, you might go for Everbuild Showerproof Bathroom Silicone. This sealant has additives to prevent fungus and black mould growth, a problem in many bathrooms.

We also stock Joint Backer Rods, to allow you to control exactly how much sealant you use and where it goes. If there isn't room in the joint for a rod, buy our Bond Breaker Tape instead.

Acrylic Sealants

Acrylic is an alternative to silicone, the advantage being you can paint over acrylic, but it is not quite as flexible as silicone. Acrylic sealants are useful for sealing and filling joints around various surfaces that need to be painted, for example door frames. Use acrylic sealant for:

• Construction joints
• Windows
• Doors

and many other tasks including decorating. Try Caulk Once in various colours for a quick drying, reliable seal.

Marine sealants

Aquariums need reliable sealants, not only to keep all the water in but to protect the animals within from unnecessary bacteria or other organisms such as fungus or mould, without using harmful chemicals such as fungicides. Mould in a bathroom is annoying and unsightly; in an aquarium it can be fatal. Aquarium sealants, such as Arbosil 1081 Translucent, are:

• Non-toxic
• Cure (dry) upon contact with moisture vapour
• Fungicide free
• High modulus - allows less movement

Specialist Sealants

You may need a sealant with specific properties, and of course there is a sealant for every need! Sealants may be:

• Fire resistant (Firecryl FR)
• Block the passage of smoke (Arbo XL 1075 Intumescent)
• Suitable for natural stone (Arbomast GP Natural)
• Coloured (e.g. Silirub AC Black)

Whatever you need sealing, there’s a product available for the job! Call us on 01772 728268 for expert advice and guidance on our selection of sealants.