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About Surface Treatments

Keep surfaces safe with our range of effective treatments

Virtually every surface formed as a result of construction will need some sort of surface treatment to keep it in good condition. Wood, metal, bricks, roofing materials and more all benefit from the application of tough, durable coatings to prevent damage. If you've currently got a project under way, take a look at three hazards that can be neutralised through the use of a good surface treatment.


A leaky roof, poorly applied grout or unprotected joints can all increase the risk of damp penetrating, causing significant damage and weakness. Surface treatments such as Black Jack Black Bitumen Paint, Aquaseal Wet Room System Membrane, Sika 1 Waterproofer, Febproof Plus or 408 Super Seal all provide a robust, impermeable coating that offers excellent protection for the underlying materials. Exterior walls frequently benefit from a coating of 402 Water Seal, whilst internal walls can be protected by a suitable paint.

Chemical degradation

If you're working with a metal or metal compound that easily oxidises, then some sort of surface treatment is essential. Lead Mate Patination Oil, for example, is just the thing to prevent lead flashing acquiring those unpleasant white streaks that arise due to carbonation. Salt Away can quickly remove unwanted mineral deposits from a wide range of surfaces.

Rot and pests

If wood is used in a project, protecting it from rot is absolutely essential. Fences and sheds benefit from a surface treatment of Creocote to keep them in top condition. Remember that damp can strike upwards as well as down, which is why coating concrete or a similar substrate with Lumberjack MB primer is a sensible precursor to laying a wooden floor. Don't forget that wooden installations may be at risk of woodworm, mould or other biological threats. Lumberjack Triple Action Wood Treatment is just the thing to protect your precious timber from unwanted organic presences.

Our friendly, expert team can offer suitable surface treatment recommendations for any building project, no matter how challenging. Prompt delivery, fair prices and premium customer service help to explain why so many trade professionals turn to us for a one-stop solution to their surface treatment needs.

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