Spax - The Screw

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SPAX with benefits and innovative detailed solutions. Its Optimised gripping effect ensures a faster grip, even in laminated wood materials, saving time and money and guarantees the perfect look.

The new internationally exclusive Yellox surface provides significantly higher corrosion protection than blue and yellow zinc plating.


Proven advantages of Spax:




  • Pozi Bit recess
  • Multi Head
  • Ground Serrations
  • 4CUT
  • Optimised grip
  • Exclusive yellow YELLOX surface
  • Certified proof of Origin





The Advantages and properties of the internationally exclusive SPAX YELLOX surface at a glance;


  • spax YELLOX achieves corrosion protection that is more than 6 times greater than that offered by blue zinc plating at the same surface thinkness (layer thickness of 4 - 6 µm with artificial atmospheric corrosion)


  • YELLOX is free of chrome (VI) and thus more environmentally friendly than convential surfaces both during manufacturing and usage


  •  With YELLOX, the screw retains its yellow appearance with the benefits of higher corrosion protection



Advantages of NEW Spax packaging;


  • Big Window Panel


  • The box is easy to open without any effort


  • Simple removal of the desired number of screws by pulling out the slipcase


  • Handy and stackable with a new label design on the front side of the packaging






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